Waterloo Stage 2

A project to add six new turbines to Waterloo Wind Farm has been completed on schedule, on budget and with no lost time injuries. Palisade Investment Partners and Northleaf Capital, Waterloo’s joint-owners, provided funding for the $43 million construction project.

Completion of the project would not have been possible without the support of our neighbours, stakeholders and the wider Mid North community, including local industry who contributed extensively to this project.

What did the project involve?

Construction of Waterloo Stage 2 involved the addition of six new Vestas V117 turbines immediately south of the existing 37 turbine wind farm. These new turbines are similar in appearance to the existing turbines.

To design, deliver and install six new turbines is a major engineering exercise.  Despite potential challenges – including wet weather and high winds –  construction works went well, with an exceptional track record of worker safety and minimal disruption to residents in the area.

Works were managed by a specialist project team, guided by Palisade Asset Management and CAT Projects, with assistance from site operator, EnergyAustralia.  Approval for the development of Waterloo Stage 2 was granted by the Clare and Gilbert Valley Council in 2013.

More clean energy for customers

Additional turbines at Waterloo were always envisaged as a part of the original development project, approved in 2005. Now, after five years of solid performance from the wind farm, recently added turbines have increased the amount of clean energy that Waterloo can produce for customers.

Waterloo’s total capacity is now over 130MW.  This is enough clean energy to supply over 59,000 homes. Choosing wind energy is important to reduce our consumption of greenhouse-intensive fossil fuels.


November 2016:
Waterloo Wind Farm’s six new 3.3MW wind turbines have successfully exported renewable power to the South Australian electricity transmission system for the first time. First export results have been remarkable, with all six new turbines operating satisfactorily and generation from the entire facility nearing 100 percent capacity in the first few days of generation.

Assembly of the six new Vestas V117 wind turbine towers was completed on schedule, on budget and with no lost time injuries, by a specialist project team earlier this month.

General Manager of Waterloo Wind Farm, Mr Steve Brown, congratulated the project team on an incredibly professional job to bring this project to a safe and successful close. “Expanding an existing wind farm presents a particular set of challenges and we have managed to overcome these and deliver to a demanding schedule, which is testament to everyone who was involved,” he said.

With the Waterloo extension now complete, the 131MW wind farm can produce enough energy to supply around 60,000 homes.

October 2016: Many residents make contact with us to ask questions, pay compliments or raise concerns. We’ve answered all enquiries we’ve received and appreciated the opportunity to develop better relationships with the local community in the process. We’ve also continued to produce a regular Project Update – see here for our September issue.

June 2016: The first delivery of wind turbine towers is expected at site this week. Each of the six Australian-manufactured towers will be delivered as four sections, with each section weighing 60 to 70 tonnes and stretching up to 27 metres in length. Turbine narcelles and blades will follow throughout June and July. Oversize transport vehicles will travel to the Waterloo Stage 2 construction site using local roads approved by Clare & Gilbert Council and SA Police. For more information, please see our news release.

April 2016: A new Project Update has been delivered to residents outlining specific details of the project’s approved construction routes.  To ensure traffic is not impacted by construction deliveries to site, an SMS Alert system has been launched. To receive timely texts on traffic, text your full name and number to 0408 547 869.

March 2016: Work has started onsite with the induction and training of workers coming on to the project.  Safe Driving Training is also being completed by all contractors that will be using vehicles during the project. In the coming weeks, the site will be prepared for construction of the turbine footings – with this work expected to start in late April.

February 2016:  Construction of the wind farm extension is on schedule to start in March, following approval of our electricity generation licence by the Essential Services Commission of South Australia and issue of a building permit by the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council. To help us deliver on the construction project, two local contractors have been appointed to the project team. Our news story has more information. A Project Update has also been developed to provide neighbours with more information on our project plans.

November 2015: The Waterloo Stage 2 project team has provided information to the Clare and Gilbert Valleys Council and relevant authorities demonstrating how they will satisfy obligations included in the project’s Development Plan Consent.

Construction will commence once this assessment is complete and an electricity generation licence is finalised with the Essential Services Commission of South Australia. Construction is expected to take around 9 months from mobilisation to full completion. Safety will be a key priority during this project to ensure zero harm to all involved.

Community Input

Community engagement is an important part of activities and will continue as normal now construction is finished. A Community Liaison Group has been running for over four years to help better understand local views and provide more detailed updates about the Waterloo projects.

We also work in partnership with the local community to make the local area better for all. Find out more about the Waterloo Community Liaison Group.

Project Benefits

Waterloo Stage 2 was an important economic project for the Mid North region. Local benefits delivered as part of this project included:

  • An estimated $3.5 million spent within the local economy
  • 130 jobs during construction, with jobs for local workers a priority
  • Use of local businesses to provide services in earthmoving, hospitality, fencing and environmental management
  • Improvement to the local roads and infrastructure
  • Contribution to local vegetation improvement programs
  • Additional funds put into supporting community programs

Our Story

Waterloo is located 30 kilometres from the town of Clare and about nine kilometres east of Manoora in South Australia.


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Waterloo Stage 2

A project to add six new turbines to Waterloo wind farm was recently completed in November 2016.


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